ThingLink - Create Interactive Images for Teaching & Learning

Presentation #1: What is ThingLink?

Presentation #2: Get Started with ThingLink

Presentation #3: ThingLink for Teaching & Learning, A Guided Playlist created with Mentor Mob

Use this playlist as an alternate method of learning how to use ThingLink or for review. Click on the first step to walk through the entire playlist, or jump to any step by using the scroll bar at the bottom of the playlist.

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Susan Oxnevad is an experienced educator who is passionate about using technology as an efficient and effective tool for learning. Currently as a Data and Instructional Technology Coach in Oak Park, IL, Susan has assumed a variety of teaching roles throughout her career, including classroom teacher, technology teacher, and teacher leader for instructional technology. Susan has spent the past 8 years helping teachers learn to efficiently and effectively design and implement technology-driven learning experiences that utilize free and friendly digital tools to support all learners. Recognizing the need to provide busy teachers with useful and ongoing opportunities for professional development, Susan regularly provides educators with a variety of flexible learning options, including facilitating small group instructional sessions, teaching courses and workshops outside of the school day, providing virtual learning opportunities available 24/7, and organizing, planning and implementing instruction for all district professional development. Susan enjoys blogging, presenting at conferences and connecting with educators.