Blogging in the Classroom A Virtual Workshop
February 1, 2013

Learn from veteran educators on the importance of blogging and how they are incorporated in the classroom.


Theresa Allen
Effie Kyrikakis
Karen Lirenman
Joe McNulty
John Miller
Anne Mirtschin
Louise Morgan
Paula Naugle
Larisa Tarasevich

Theresa Allen

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I am presenting general information about blogging in the classroom including:
  • Why blog?
  • Blogging platforms
  • Examples of Blogs
  • Projects that involve blogging


Med kharbach
Kimberley Rivett
Hannah Shekhter
Richard Byrne
Kathleen Morris

Effie Kyrikakis

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I will be sharing Winners Language School experience with blogging.
We will be looking at how blogs are used as tools for:
  • student motivation
Win2 class blog
  • student and parent engagement
B1 class blog
  • open source instruction
B1+ class blog
Please click on the links above to see example blogs from our school

Karen Lirenman

This short video talks about how/why I use a class blog in my grade one classroom. It also talks about my students' individual blogs which are used as digital portfolios.

Professional Blog
Grade One Class Blog
Individual Student Blogs
Presentation Handouts

Joe McNulty

John Miller

This session will address how and why you should consider using student blogs to address upcoming Common Core standards.

Anne Mirtschin

This presentation will discuss some essentials of a blog!

Louise Morgan

This presentation will address how to incorporate blogging into your weekly writing activities and how to connect with other classrooms.

Paula Naugle

I have been blogging with my 4th graders since the 2010-2011 school year. I use as our blogging platform. I am not an ELA teacher, so I have used blogging as a way to have my students reflect on their math learning. So far this year my students have used their blogs for their science reports.

Larisa Tarasevich

In my presentation I talk about the possibilities that blogging gives to my students as EF learners. My students learn about different cultures by reading blogs of their peers from around the world.They also tell the world about our local traditions and school life.
My presentation.

English speaking club's blog.For boys and girls and their parents.