Presenter: Ashwin Baburaj

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Are you the one, who likes to do anything in your life? which is something new and innovative and you like to do it for your people. Then you must start from this rare platform like the one you are going to be introduced by different teachers at different countries of the world. This will show how unique each of the Teachers will be and you can learn a lot of things from everyone. I really appreciate the great step taken by Theresa to introduce such an educational event. This itself shows how innovative she is, not only did she planned it but she gave it a life. This is what you can also do!!! " Put your Ideas into practice, through such social networking medias "

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My journey began as a normal Student and then a Tutor, taking subjects like INDIAN HISTORY, ECONOMICS and SOCIOLOGY. This journey was filled with colors and beauty by the introduction of social networking sites such as SKYPE, GOOGLE PLUS and now the list goes endless. Meeting different Teachers in Different Parts of the world made a great change in me. The cooperation and sharing ideas were the foremost of them. Teachers like DAVID, THERESA, STEVE, MIKE, JOSEPH, contributed their ideas in my project, for helping poor people all over the world. One part of my book which is in progress includes their contributions too.....

Here are some of the sweet memories of me with my dear friends:

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Each of the pictures taken by a great teacher, presenter, moreover one of my Best friend from South Africa, STEVE SHERMAN. Had great fun during this session.

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Khan Academy is an online educational platform which is different from what we can find on other online educational platforms. There is a Teacher who Teaches you but will not be seen, his voice and his black screen could only be seen and sound which could be heard. This is because he/ she needs a black screen to explain the concepts to you with examples. The specialty of these videos are that, they are easily understandable and could be wrote in a paper while you are listening to the subject based videos.The presenters are also good. To just have an idea about this just go to :- Khan Academy , this will give you a little knowledge about what it is. The rest of the things will be taken by me and I will be giving you more information about this website and how you can use it effectively.