Theresa Allen

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Theresa has been the Technology Coordinator and Teacher for the Cathedral of St. Raymond School since 1999. She loves to learn new concepts, tools, and projects for herself and her students ages 3-14. She continues to flatten her classroom with many Web 2.0 tools and projects for every grade, including Preschool!

This year she hopes to get her staff more connected globally and virtually. Starting with this workshop, she hopes she sparks interest in her adult "students" and they continue virtual learning throughout the year.

Theresa is Flat Classroom certified. She also manages the Digiteen Project. She is a board member for iCollaboratory and Kidlink. She helps manage the Edmodo Global Classroom Project and is an active member of the HLW Skypers group where she found all of the presenters for this workshop.

Theresa is married with 3 growing children: Maggie (17), Meghan (15), and Danny (11). She and her husband, Dan, love to spend time with their children, try to stay healthy by working out and eating better (!). They love to travel and find new vacation spots each year. They have a new dog, Hobbs, a 2-year old fun-loving boxer, and enjoy spending time with him, too.
This is Theresa's first virtual professional development workshop. She hopes to present many more in the future!
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Skype/Twitter id: tdallen5


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