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Twitter in the Classroom

Presenter: Michele Harris

I teach 5th - 8th grade [[#|technology]] and 5th - 12th grade science at Highlands University Preparatory School in Sebring, Florida. I previously taught 6th - 12th grade math and science at Calvary Christian School in Catlettsburg, Kentucky. I love using [[#|technology]] in my classroom. It keeps the [[#|students]] engaged and keeps them wondering what is going to happen next :)

Links for using twitter in the classroom:

Links for twitter bulletin boards:
The following are some cute twitter bulletin boards you might like to use to introduce the students to twitter. Always [[#|begin]] by discussing internet safety :)

Chirbit is a good tool to use along with twitter. Everything you record can be sent to your class twitter account. It's great for reading poems or short stories the students have written, language practice, reading practice, or to just let the students tell about a picture you have sent to twitter. Maybe you have taken a picture of them doing a science experiment. They can use chirbit to talk about it.

For older students (I would say middle [[#|school]] and above, because they will need their own twitter accounts), I also suggest using along with twitter. You simply visit the site and design your board. Give the students the tweet code for it. The questions you add and the students' responses will all show up on the board. You can embed the board onto your class blog, also. When I worked with it, I also had it set to allow other tweets with the hashtags I had added to come through to our board. This allows the older students to see what others are saying about the topic. Some of the hashtags I used are: #photons, #cardiovascularsystem, #electromageticwaves, #boyleslaw, and #charleslaw. Just suggestions :)

Also good for older students is . Students need to have their own twitter accounts to use it. They can tweet to your class account without needing the password to it. The teacher can also set it up to have control over which tweets get added.

You can contact me at:
twitter: @MicheleHarris3
skype: Michele.Harris2011

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Twitter in the Classroom