Presenter: Janet Barnstable

Travel With Google Earth

From Kindergarten through Adulthood, GE has something for everyone. (Was it not a commercial a long time ago for 'General Electric' that said "GE - We bring good things to life?") Now the new GE, GoogleEarth can take the slogan and run with it!

Google Earth file downloads for EVPD:

PDF - Viewing Google Lit Trips


Resources from Google Earth:

GoogleEarth Literature Trips:
From the historical trips, see (for example) My Brother Sam is Dead Civil War lesson.

Goggle for Educators-Earth:

Street View Collections - Google Maps Street View - visit places around the world with 360° imagery!

World Wonders Project- an interactive website that uses the same street view technology used in Google Maps to allow visitors to explore many of the wonders of the world. The World Wonders Project is a valuable resource for the classroom. The virtual tours lend themselves to learning in ways in which an encyclopedia or textbook cannot compete. Use the comprehensive educational packets complete with curriculum connections and ideas for use in the classroom; an innovative way to teach social studies through engaging multimedia rich student centered learning experiences.

Google Sketch-Up

The tool used by professional architects, that's easy enough for 3rd graders!
Professional architect, Mark Kkancic and teacher Matt Kuntz have received a grant for Sketch-up instruction for 3rd graders in three of OakPark Elementary School District's schools.


Sketch-up - getting started:
I suggest downloading these videos and burning to CDs for student use.
Students can start/stop/replay the videos as often as needed to practice and get the idea. (Believe me, I KNOW that most school networks cannot run these online!)
Download four videos (compressed). Double click once downloaded to unzip so you can play them.
City street: Izzy, Grade 8
Park with skate board area: Jack Grade 7

7th & 8th grade Sketch-up samples:
Video made with Sketch-up to introduce a student created "time machine" website.
Spend a Sketch-up building a dog house. (This will open a new window to another wiki.) Yet another way to create a roof!

About Janet Barnstable


I am a retired educator, having taught for 48 years in both private and public elementary/middle schools. The last 17 years I taught technology at Percy Julian Middle School in Oak Park, Illinois. I'd been working with tech for many years before that while teaching at St. Bernardine's school in Forest Park, Illinois.

During that time I've learned much from my students and colleagues and would like to share some of my years and experiences with you. I also run a project for young students called the Fairy Tale/Folk Tale CyberDictionary.

Dear to my heart is the Global Virtual Classroom. I have participated in the program since it's AT&T beginnings in 1996 and 'suffered' the few dry years before GSBI [Give Something Back International] was given the rights to begin again in 2003. Now that I am retired and can no longer participate with students, I am the GVC program manager. We have also merged our clubhouse program with GlobalDreamers, an Israeli based global projects site.

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