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Are you someone that loves to integrate technology into your classroom? Are you ever looking for other teachers to collaborate with on ways to use technology in all subject areas? Look no further. Skype is a perfect tool for K-12 teachers to meet new people, discover new cultures and connect with classes from around the world, all without leaving the comforts of your own classroom. Mr. Karnoscak has been a third grade teacher for 10 years. He strives to give each child that walks into his classroom the very best education possible. He incorporates technology into his lessons each and every day in the hopes that kids will latch on to his approach and soar. Skype is a huge part of his classroom routines weekly. He believes that every child is capable of learning and being successful if given the right tools to succeed. He takes a constructivist approach that his students generate knowledge and meaning from the interaction between their experiences and their ideas.

Reasons why we should be using Skype with our students

  • raise global awareness

  • keep in contact

  • report live from a location

  • receive or share information about content students have been studying

  • practice public speaking skills (communication skills

  • talk to eye witnesses

  • Ask questions of experts or community resource people

  • Allow outside experts to share information with a class

  • Conduct parent conferences in school districts in remote areas

  • Provide mentoring or homework help

  • Students can read, present, or perform for other students

  • Collaborate with other teachers on writing or research projects

  • Participate in professional development activities within or outside the school district

  • Home-bound students can view and participate in classes.


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